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Where to begin….


….I spent a terrible Senior year in Scottsdale High School (AZ) where the culture was so different from Louisville, but I managed to get through it and graduate. I did suffer major depression over having to move so far away from home.  So I went back to Louisville and in 1965 married Bob Poe (Whirl-a-Way Helicopters, Inc.) from Waggener (of ALL places!). I should have known that Redskins and Wildcats would never last. Ha! I remarried in 1977 for six years. 

I have two wonderful sons, Colin Poe, a 1989 graduate of Ballard H.S., and Matt Lutz, a 2001 graduate of The University of North Carolina. Both my sons are working in the fields they always dreamed of and are gifted for, Colin in Aviation/Gulfstream Jets., and Matt as a professional actor (since the age of 12). Both are happily married and live in NJ and NYC respectively.

I moved back to Phoenix and in 1987 I finally married a "keeper", a dear man and my best friend ever, Stephen, who was in the 1961 class of Springfield North H.S. (OH). He is an undergraduate of Ohio State Univ. with two graduate degrees from Ball State University. He is still working as a Psychologist. He cares for intelligently challenged/developmentally disabled persons throughout several counties in Western North Carolina where we have lived since 1991.

From 1995 until 2001 we were foster parents to four teenaged girls who are all doing very well now. We are still in touched regularly.

My career was always in executive assistant administration for a number of international corporations. I became disabled in 1995 due to permanent damage to my central nervous system caused by a rare brain malformation. My life has slowly dwindled down to little activity, although we do get away several times a year to visit our sons (also two stepsons and families in Denver), and to the beach.

While I was still active I was a womens' teacher at our Presbyterian (PCA) church in Asheville, enjoyed hiking, cooking and gardening. Now I read a great deal, especially history and Presbyterian theology, with an occasional novel thrown in. I've caught up on a lot of classic novels I didn't read earlier.

Overall, I'm very happy with the blessings I've been given, particularly my husband, sons and foster-daughters. They boast that I am a great mom, which is the main thing in life that I aspired to be.

I'm so sorry to hear about many in our class having passed away. When I left Louisville I was dating Charlie Moore from Fern Creek H.S.  A few years back my older brother, Jim Sullins, was installed in the Fern Creek H.S. Hall of Fame. While we were at the ceremonies I was told that Charlie had passed away just a few months early from a brain tumor.  

When we're young we all think we'll live to be real old, so it's shocking when some of those you knew have passed away and then just find out them when reading Harry's website.

May God bless all of you.  I'd love hearing from any of you who remember me.

Web Dude's note: Diana contacted me a few days ago and asked if she could send this for me to post on the web page. Of course, I said yes. She also sent the photo of her and her husband Stephen and the photo of her from New Year's eve 1964. The photo on the top right I scanned from the 1962 yearbook, Diana's Junior picture.

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