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Terrie Gale Adler (Bob)

2311 Connecticut Avenue NW, 

Apt. 702, 

Washington DC 20008

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After Seneca, Smith College, the Congressional Research Service, marriage to Bob Adler, law school & clerking for a judge, an 8-month backpack-style trip around the world, lawyering for the feds, having my son (the joy of my life), moving to Chapel Hill, NC, and nearly 20 years as an attorney for Chapel Hill Town government working mostly with the Town's police department, I am back in DC. We moved back in 2009 when President Obama appointed Bob to be a Commissioner of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.


Political junkies that we are, it is fun to be back in DC. The city is even more interesting than when we lived here before, but the political polarization is intense and destructive.

I'm not quite ready to retire and am working part-time as an adjunct professor at George Washington University teaching pre-law Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure. I love to travel and look forward to lots more of it.

Looking back, I cannot say that I remember my Seneca years as fun (I made up for that in college). But the everyday rubbing shoulders with all sorts of people was a great experience that was probably as educational for all of us as our classes. It's been interesting to read about classmates' lives, and there are many whom I wish I'd gotten to know better way back then.

Seneca High School—Class of '63                     http://www.senecaclassof63.com