Reunion Memories

  • Allen Aboff: I would like to thank the people who played golf on Reunion Friday. I hope we can make it an annual event.
  • Susan Armbruster Mullen: Just wanted to reach out since I am still in the "afterglow" of our reunion. It was really wonderful to see so many familiar faces. And I thought that I wouldn't remember anyone! Lots of fun, and just wanted to thank you for all the work you did on the website, keeping it updated with our endless minutiae, truly a labor of love!
  • Sally Rosenbaum Wax: The reunion weekend was fabulous and memorable. It was perfect. Thanks to all the hard-working committee members, especially Brenda, Harry and Harrell. We are all so fortunate to have been part of Seneca High School's class of 63. Serving on the reunion committee with such a fun, creative and inspiring group of friends was a special bonus. A heartfelt thanks from me to the committee for creating such wonderful memories that I will always treasure and remember with great fondness.
    • Beverly Aron Tarbis: Sally, your words say it all!   I had a ball both working with the committee and the weekend. I hated to see it end.
    • Tom Hampton: I totally agree with you. On our way home Bruce (Dalrymple) and I thought about one word that would describe the weekend.  We came up with magical. I think that is fitting as everyone I spoke with had a wonderful time.  The reception was a success, thank you Lynn, Larry, and the decorating crew. Saturday evening was so much fun, and you knew it just by listening to the crowd. Great choice Harrell and Bill for the venue and the band. My jacket had not dried out when I left this morning. The memories will be long remembered and cherished. The only sad note was that Marvin's Medicare malcontents, of which I am a proud member, proceeded to finish last in the golf outing, which was as it should have been. I think we should all be very happy with the outcome and I thank you all.   
  • Leslie Henderson Sheehan: I am missing everyone.  It was a lovely evening.  Will there really not be another? My sister's class (much younger) meet once a year for drinks at Joe's Older than Dirt.  She like to come from Atlanta for the weekend. Maybe we could do something similar, and anyone who wants to show up can do so. Thanks to everyone,
  • Myles Scott: I know I thanked you when Pam & I arrived, for the great job you did, but I want to say again, thanks. You put a lot of work into this and it wouldn't have been near the evening without your efforts. As I was leaving Saturday nite, I asked Hank Bass if there were plans for another reunion. He said he didn't think so but an annual golf outing was talked about. Please forward my name to the golf group. Another reunion would be a blast as well. I was out of touch for many years...was always in the back ground at Seneca, but I was happy to see old friends. It was a very special time. Thanks again, Myles
  • Brenda Seebold Fort: My husband was so impressed with the reunion and your kindness to us that he is singing the praises of the class of ’63 and Harry all over this state.  Thank you again for your time and energy.  Look forward to seeing you and your wife again sometime.
  • Mona Solinsky Cohn: It's sort of bittersweet, something you look forward to , then "poof" it's all over. But the memories will remain:)
  • Diana Sullins Fatzinger: I have enjoyed the website probably more than any other. Now I'm going around with images of how everyone looks now. They say, "You can never go home again", and I found that to be true when I returned to L'ville the end of 1964. Most everyone was away at college, it just wasn't the same. It's funny how one decision can change the direction of your whole life. My family did well in Scottsdale. It is a lovely place, but there was a wound in us older children for having been uprooted by our dad. Of the six of us, we have two in NC, one in L'ville, two in Phoenix area and one in Peru. I plan to email a few of my old friends.
  • Pat Summers Grant: I want to thank you & all the others for working so hard & the long hours on keeping us informed on all that has happen over the years. The web site is incredible. I  enjoy looking at the site so much that I feel like I was apart of it. Thank you. I have spoken with Judy Shell Keehn,  she said it was a wonderful Reunion. Hope there will be pictures from Sat. Night  to come to the site. Thanks to all.

Seneca High School—Class of '63